Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fighting Obesity

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that too many Americans are overweight. Is there a way for a DME/HME dealer to lead the battle against obesity?

Yes! You help your customers struggling with their weight and at the same time build your company. Here is one way to easily accomplish it. It takes time and planning to get all the different people and tools together to work this but the reward will be great.

Fighting ObesityAn idea came to a DME owner who saw there was an evening course given at the local college about “diet and weight.” He made it a point to meet the lecturer. She was a dietitian and when asked if she would like to participate in the program he was planning, she jumped at the opportunity! The dietician thought working with his program, instead of 25 people attending her lectures, she could double that number.  The second person he invited was a popular physician who was delighted to be solicited.  Again, the doctor felt that “word of mouth” after participating would reflect well for him and he would be able to help more people in need. Finally, he spoke with the sales representative for the line of scales sold in his store.

The plan was for a Saturday morning. The sales rep spoke to his company and they decided that since the dealer was ordering two-dozen scales, they offered to bring several others, which included a physician’s scale.

Together they chose the day. They called it “FIGHT OBESITY DAY.” Announcements were sent to all the physicians, VNAs, church groups, etc. The local newspaper was invited and they sent a photographer. More than 80 people attended. The lecturers were superb and the Q & A period after each speaker proved very interesting.  

Other activities could include giving out meal plans, blood sugar and blood pressure testing, raffles that included exercise equipment, and discounted memberships to local fitness centers.  There are so many healthy options and you can really get creative!

That day, they sold many scales and also one physician unit. He told me he plans to offer an “obesity day” program at least once a year. There were many other items sold that day which would help the customers in their battle with obesity. It was a banner day!  

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