Friday, November 2, 2012

Voting Day!

Tuesday, November 6, may prove to be a most important election day for our industry. DME/HME has a great deal at stake this year. We must bring or return to Congress both Representatives and Senators who know and understand what homecare really is about. They must comprehend that a great number of their constituents are senior citizens and that the baby boom generation is about to enter that category.

These people want to live in their homes. They do not wish to live together with other family members.  They do not wish to enter into any type of senior home care  or other facility.

Since one of the strengths of a DME/HME provider is his relations with both his patients and their family caregivers. They will listen when you speak about defeating the competitive bid. They will respond if you suggest they speak to their Representative to support MPP. You all have a tremendous amount of strength to bring about change. Together with your clients support those candidates that will defend you as well as their constituents.  

Yes, you have that strength! There are only a few days left until we vote. This year the elections will be very close. Every single vote you bring to “our” side will make things happen. Each vote is so critical.

If you need any tools just call your state or national association and they will cheerfully provide what you need. Please start speaking and calling and get involved. Your future has a great potential. Get the voters stirred up!


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