Friday, December 28, 2012


I receive close to 200 e-mails daily and an equal number come in as SPAM. It appears the whole world has forgotten how to use other means of communication. It is clear to see that even when we go out to eat just look at how many people are looking into their hand held telephones.  Well, that’s the new way.

A couple of weeks back, I received a most pleasant surprise while opening my e-mails. It was in a communication from the HME Industry News Summary, which is put out by Rick Worstell and the HMG Group, called “ENTHUSIASM”. The author of it may be unknown, but the message is pertinent. “Enthusiasm is the greatest business asset in the world.”

"Enthusiasm is the greatest business asset in the world. It beats money and power and influence. Single handed, enthusiasm convinces and dominates where a small army of workers would hardly raise a tremor of interest. Enthusiasm is faith in action; and faith and initiative rightly combined remove mountainous barriers and achieve the unheard of and miraculous. Set the germ of enthusiasm in your business; carry it in your attitude and manner; it spreads like contagion and influences every fiber of your industry; it begets and inspires effects you did not dream of; it means increase in production and decrease in costs; it means joy and pleasure and satisfaction to your workers; it means real life and virile; it means spontaneous bedrock results-the vital things that pay dividends."
-Author Unknown

I prefer to describe it differently. I say, “It is the difference between success and failure.”

Rather than quote from the article, I want to recall what I heard from DME/HME providers. In an article that I did for HomeCare Magazine, I quoted comments from attendees at the Fall Medtrade.

These comments were all filled with much “enthusiasm".  This feeling is typical of our industry!  The entrepreneurs bring their eagerness and interest with them. They share this with all their clientele and it is so appreciated, particularly by family caregivers.

As we approach a new year we must all bring all the eloquence possible to make the future brighter and more successful. Yes indeed, enthusiasm is the key for you!

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