Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas is Coming!

Deck the halls with signs and greetings; it’s the season to be jolly?  Yes, now is the season!  Today, start promoting during this mad rush prior to the holidays to purchase correct gifts. It appears that too many folks are unaware of what DME/HME dealers offer; many comfort items for Mom, Pop, or any relative.

Somehow, we neglect to show our clientele there are so many items on our show room floor that make lovely gifts and will be greatly appreciated.  One entrepreneur in the Snow Belt ran a special Christmas Gift sale offering a choice of several different heating pads.  How well did he do?  When is the last time you sold close to four dozen heating pads in a two-week period?

Another sharp businessman, in upstate N.Y., offered free installation for two weeks only before Christmas for a “ride a stair unit”.  Those parts of New York homes are mostly two stories and although he displayed them in his showroom, sales averaged about only about five or six annually. He installed four during in the two-week period and received an order for another to be installed in January.

Instead of show and sell, perhaps “shout and sell” would be more effective.  In Missouri, where the winters can be rather “cold” (I know because I lived in Missouri for a number of years) a sharp dealer had a good idea. He took advantage of the weather and made arrangements to sell electric room heaters.  He located one that is lightweight and used a small amount of electricity, but warmed up a room rather quickly. This was not an item he normally sold, but made arrangements with the manufacturer to sell them for the holidays. He told me he did very well!

Do a careful review of the type items you sell, where the bulk of your sales emanate from, and then seek out OTC cash sale items. Make it a Merry Christmas for your clientele, your staff and yourself.

It is all a matter of knowing your clientele, their needs and matching a suitable OTC cash sale products.

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