Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Conclusions

Be of good cheer! It is not Armageddon. The future of the DME/HME industry is good! The future for the United States of America is the best. In the many years I have been sharing my thoughts with all of you, I have never been more comfortable about tomorrow as I am today!

I anticipate that in 2013 several important things will happen. The recession will gradually disappear. Slowly the U.S. will rebuild and a much more comfortable era will happen. This is a very slow process, but it has already begun.  

You, the DME/HME, are the leader in your community. Yours is a “small” business, not a department store or a supermarket, but still a very important part of the community, and you will be in the forefront to show the way.

My beautiful wife, Thelma, enjoying the products that help our community at Medtrade.

The old adage is “you must spend money to make money”. The idea is to wisely spend it. Study your showroom. Is it brightly lit? Does every item have a price tag? Are there signs to guide your customers? Can you realign some of the displays? A good-looking showroom is an attraction, particularly for senior citizens.

Do all your employees wear a jacket with their name pins? Most customers appreciate seeing their name and are relaxed when they ask a question. Does your company belong to the Chamber of Commerce and also to a civic association? Should you hire another salesperson?

Think about the steps you can take now to make this New Year the best ever. At Medtrade in Las Vegas this spring, you will hear, see, and find many new opportunities.

See you at Mandalay Bay! Register for Medtrade Spring today. Feel free to give me a call at 321-259-7127 or 321-255-3885 if you just want to share stories, or talk more about this year's Medtrade Spring.

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