Friday, February 22, 2013


CMS and Congress must work out a fair reimbursement system for DME/HME providers. It is not pleasant for the recipients of Medicare or Medicaid to be unable to obtain their medications and supplies from the DME/HME dealer who has always served them.

Why do CMS and Congress think that by reducing reimbursements (which are already very low now) by 45% they will "save so much money"? In the long run, the damage that will be forced on the public will make costs only go higher! DME/HME providers who have given so much pro-bono service will disappear and then a fee for everything will be thrown at the elderly and the needy. Why?

How many providers and dealers will be obliged to close their doors? How much will it cost just for the additional unemployed? How will they replace the reduced tax collected? This will drive more people into poverty. That is what will happen! It is a giant step into a disaster.

We must all work together to make the MARKET PRICING PROGRAM (MPP) succeed. Simply stated this will set fair market prices for both recipients and providers. Equally important is that all the beneficiaries will be able to get their supplies without being forced to find a source that would probably be very inconvenient.

My office has received copies from many of the state associations. They are doing their best to alert their members. The national associations, buying groups and associated industries have been working to get the word to Congress. You must do the same!  At Medrade there will be a major effort to gather together all the troops. So please, get on the bandwagon today.

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