Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Simply said: to "persevere" means not to give up, surrender, or forget to keep track of your goal. When you persevere you will always be a winner.

DME/HME providers and dealers have to get on board to see that the competitive bid legislation is eliminated. Last year an opportunity presented itself, but we fell short. Dr. Tom Price, congressman from Georgia, introduced HR6490 (MPP) to replace the competitive bid legislation. In a rather short period, our industry contacted their congressmen and 94 agreed to support HR6490. Another few days and we would have succeeded, but it was during the Christmas Holiday and we fell behind.

Dr. Price is persevering and re-launching the bill. If we listen to our leaders and get on board, we can get this new bill out of committee and onto the floor and passed. With 100% of the DME/HME providers and dealers, in conjunction with the state DME and national associations, buying groups and associated organizations, we can become the most formidable team ever to work together. This legislation will save our industry and must be passed.

But, when I say 100%, it is critical. In the many years I have been involved, I always recognized and acknowledged the great percentage that work together! However since each and every one of us has their future at stake, I would like to see 100% achieved. Then we will succeed.

The associations need your membership to be able to continue their efforts on your behalf. You need them to lead the way. Renew your membership NOW. If you, for any reason, do not belong to your state and national association, get on board. They can help you stay in business. PERSEVERE, and fight for your company, your livelihood, your employees, your customers and for AMERICA!

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