Friday, February 15, 2013

Washington Fly-In February 26 & 27

An industry-wide Washington Fly-In is scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday (2/25-2/27) coupled with a “jam the switchboard” campaign.

This is the kind of cooperative program that our industry has to continue to do over and over. Every DME/HME dealer or provider must participate. When the congressmen see and hear you in person at their office, they will listen. When you come armed with the necessary tools, they will act. AAHomecare, NAIMES, VGM and your state association will provide these tools. I know this happens because I have gone on many of these Fly-Ins.

When I went, most of my appointments were arranged by the sponsors. I always sent the Health Legislative Assistant in each office a request to please sit in when I met with the congressman. They always did. The HLA is the key person for you.

Survival of our industry and your company are at risk. Please make every effort to attend. If, for any reason you cannot go to DC, then start ASAP and get everyone of your employees, associates, customers and their family caregivers to join in this effort via the telephone. They have as much at stake as you do!

If every one of us acts, we will be able to get the changes we seek; such as the “competitive bid” or the efforts to greatly reduce reimbursements and get new legislation passed. The voice of the people, “VOX POPULI”, is one of the most effective tools you have. Use it.

Go to DC, get on the telephone, make these calls and send e-mails. “IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU PARTICIPATE." 

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