Saturday, February 23, 2013

There is No Tomorrow

No matter what you plan to do always keep in mind there never is a tomorrow. I am considered an elderly person (in my 86th year) and whenever something must be done, I do it STAT! For some inexplicable reason, I have never been able to accomplish anything tomorrow - I do it today!

Therefore, do not to allow opportunities to drift away. Make every effort to do things today because there no tomorrow.

What has not happened? All of our efforts did not get the MPP bill HR6490 introduced by Representative Tom Price MD out of committee. Our industry did as much as we could, but our efforts fell short. Therefore instead of “sackcloth and ashes”, we must begin anew. The 113thCongress has been sworn in and today, not tomorrow, we will reorganize and this time reach our goal.

Begin right now to start contacting your Representatives. Each of them has a local office not very far from your company. Gather all the material deemed necessary from your DME and national association. Make an appointment to go and see the local office manager. That person is a key to getting the support of your representative. The future of your company and your customers and family caregivers is at stake. It is that imperative!

At the same time go directly to Washington, DC and, speak to the HLA (health legislative assistant). Identify yourself and ask that they please deliver your message. If you need the office phone number, I have most of them and so do your state and national associations.  Obtain that number when you ask for current material.   THERE IS NO TOMORROW, and unless we get this accomplished we will struggle under the existing legislation.

All of my readers are welcome to give me a call if you have questions or want to talk: 321-259-7127 or  321-255-3885.

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