Monday, March 24, 2014

Build and Grow

At Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas two weeks ago, things became crystal clear. Now is the time to build and grow.

Shelly and his wife, Thelma,
at Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas
With the changes in dealing with CMS and Medicare, I realized that its important not to walk away from them but rather to maintain your current volume and patients. They still will add to your bottom line, although perhaps a little more slowly. But more importantly, after spending two days walking the exhibition floor at Medtrade, I saw new opportunities to change how you can grow.
With these blogs I have often spoken about “over the counter cash sales.” At Medtrade, I saw an abundance of opportunities to expand OTC cash sales. There were more than 200 presenters with many items that would retail well in most markets. When correctly displayed and price marked, these items will turn over rapidly. Notice I said price marked! Senior citizens will not purchase any item that is not showing the retail price. Actually most shoppers feel the same way!
ADL (Aids to Daily Living) must be promoted. Bathing, eating, reaching, and dressing items are not high ticket items, but sell in large quantities. Senior citizens and family caregivers constantly look for them. Safety products, monitors, walking aids (canes, crutches), wheelchairs, and scooters must all be visible and someone in attendance should be close by. Bibs, safety belts, apparel, diapers, bathroom accessories (showers, bath chairs, raised toilet seats), and so much more should be displayed.
Items such as ramps, hand-held shower attachments, lifts, tens units, and recreation products will be larger cash sales. Keep in mind your target is the family caregiver. They will obtain any items possible to keep Mom or Dad from having to be put into an assisted living or nursing home, or having to move one in to live with them.

So with price tags, well lit stores, good promotions and advertisements, you can build and grow more rapidly. I saw that at Medtrade, and will see so much more this fall in Atlanta. Now is the time to BUILD and GROW! ! ! 

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