Monday, March 31, 2014

Stop & Think

We are all so busy these days, and that is nothing to be ashamed of! But by being busy without a game plan, you will not achieve all of your goals.

HME/DME, as a profession, has many frightening legislations hanging over its head. You also have to wonder how long now it will take to receive reimbursements for services and supplies rendered. Some of the “delays” CMS and Medicare are putting into place make no sense.

How best can we address these difficulties? Stop and think! Have a game plan.

We, as independent providers and dealers, have some very effective tools, which should be brought into play. Our customers and their family caregivers have more at stake than you realize. They do not wish to lose your service and care. They do not want to travel about to obtain their supplies. Newspaper reports never tell the entire story; you must tell your customers what is happening, and how it will affect them. That is your responsibility.

I spoke to several dealers at Medtrade in Las Vegas, and they shared some of what they do. They send out e-mails to their customers, patients, and yes, the family caregivers. They report what is happening and are very pleased with the support obtained in that fashion. The information is culled from AAHomecare and their state association.

Stop and think! Why not do this? It is an inexpensive and very effective method to build support. When a Congressman hears not just from you, but your clientele as well, he too will stop and think. Votes are what keeps them in office, and these people vote! That should be your game plan.

To be even more effective, every DME/HME dealer should be a member of both their state DME association and AAHomecare. This is where your information will come from. If you are not one currently, please sign on ASAP. I want you to remain solvent so that I will be able to see you in Atlanta this October.

Stop and think!

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