Friday, March 7, 2014


Why does a customer shop at a particular store?
I have often asked DME/HME dealers this question and the reasons I hear are never the same. I believe the main reason is that they go where they feel comfortable!
At Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas (3/10-3/12) there are about sixty (60) new vendors  who will be on the exhibition floor. Sixty more opportunities for you! Be sure to see as many vendors as possible!
See the products being offered that will help your company attract new customers. When you return home, start a powerful new program; advertising with key vendors via e-mail, and holding open houses with them!
In particular, much attention must be paid to senior citizens and family caregivers. Today, many of them have sufficient discretionary dollars to buy comfort items.
Some years ago I sat in on a talk at Medtrade given by Lou Feuer. He spoke about the importance of making your customer feel at ease. Over the years, I have heard presentations on the topic, “Why a Customer will Shop at Your Location,” discussed at the Medtrade classes.  You should go home with many new ideas.
I reviewed some of the talks to be presented next week at Medtrade Spring (3/10-3/12). If I was a dealer today I would bring as many of my staff as possible to attend. There is a big ROI when doing that.

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