Monday, March 17, 2014

Post Las Vegas

Once again, I leave the Medtrade Exhibition and Conference filled with new ideas, thoughts for the future, and a deep feeling of satisfaction. I leave convinced that there has been a dramatic change in the attitude of the attendees.

They came to Las Vegas prepared to join forces and work with the industry to do whatever it will take to bring about changes in the pending legislations. As a team we should be able to get the fair pricing program (
HR1717) passed by Congress. This will allow DME/HME dealers to continue offering their services. If we do not see this happen, the future will be bleak. All the enthusiasm I saw in Las Vegas must continue to grow.
Shelly and his lovely wife, Thelma, at Medtrade Spring, 2014, in Las Vegas.
In the next few blogs I will add my comments to what I feel were fantastic accomplishments. But more important is what I heard from the attendees!
They all realize the new leadership at AAHomecare and the state associations will be guiding the industry in a very positive fashion. They have always done a superb job and now it appears that AAHomecare and the states are gearing up to do even more!
I anticipate seeing a large increase of dues paying members to both AAHomecare and the state associations.
Tom Ryan (President and CEO AAHomecare) made it very clear that  they will do everything possible to get the legislation changed. They will do as much as possible to ensure that DME/HME will remain as the guiding force for the profession. They need to double their membership; and if when you read this, you are not currently a member, GET ON BOARD!!!!

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