Thursday, April 23, 2015

Heard on the Floor

No, Shelly was not on the floor of Medtrade Spring in person. However, many of my friends and associates have shared so much with me that I feel that I was present. Based on what I have been told, without any doubt, this was the best Medtrade Exhibition in many years. The team of very hard working people, following the lead of Kevin Gaffney and his associates, must all be congratulated.
Some of you may have seen "Flat Shelly" on the floor of Medtrade Spring this year.
The following comments were made by exhibitors or dealers on the floor and were forwarded to me by my associate, Christina Brown Morrison:

Exhibitor VGM: “Thank you for organizing such an informative and engaging show!”

Exhibitor TwoCan Cane: “Amazing day at Medtrade Spring 2015. We won the 'Best New Product' award and couldn’t be happier! Thank you.”

Attendee Sarah Stephen: “AAHomecare’s Power Panel was really on-point this morning at Medtrade Spring 2015. Getting hyped.”

Attendee Catherine Colman Hamilton: “Great day today at Medtrade. Jeff Baird was informative as always, and VGM was great.”

Speaker Justin Racine: “It went very well and we had some FANTASTIC feedback and questions. Thanks again for putting together a great show.”

Attendee Christina Grabo shared something interesting she learned in a conference session AR Management: "People and Software are key. Work denials first and daily, otherwise you are not in control."

It appears there was something for every attendee! Be sure you are present for the fall Medtrade. I have no doubt that it will exceed my expectations yet again!

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