Monday, April 20, 2015

A Political Comment

My writing this blog as a “political comment” is uncalled for! The blogs I write are designed to help DME/HME dealers develop more profits and expand their businesses. I am making this exception because I no longer see many of our current “politicians” concerned about elder citizens. I don’t understand this, since they vote and also speak to their families about why they vote for a particular candidate.

I became interested in the candidates who ran for office many years ago. The first support I ever gave a candidate (long before I could vote) was for Wendell Willkie! He ran for President in 1940! I often wonder what might have happened had he been elected.

The difference today is that not too many candidates tell their supporters what they will do if elected. Too much time telling us NOT to vote for Candidate Blank! I want to know what they plan to do for us when elected!

Before Thelma and I pledge our support for a particular candidate, we tell them about our involvement with DME/HME. This invariably gets one of their key workers to listen. I know if we all do this, we will attract more support for our industry.

In Florida, a few dealers got together and worked with their representative. They invited their congressman’s office manager to attend a Medtrade meeting in Orlando. He is still a good friend of theirs.

To protect our industry, every dealer should review whom AAHomecare and your state associations recommend. Every single vote counts!

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