Friday, April 3, 2015

You CAN Make a Difference

There are many little things that DME/HME dealers should do. There should be more communication with one another. You each have the ability to converse with one another via the web. Too often you forget this! Why? You are all just too busy!

I receive the messages many state associations send to their members. These are a “call to arms” alerting them to get on board to help prevent something untoward from occurring. Do you respond to what is sent?

Let us all think about how we can make a difference. When is the last time you spoke to another DME/HME provider? I asked this question to a few dealers and they had to think a few moments before they could answer. Then, when I spent some time on the phone with a few active members of AAHomecare or a state DME association, I received the answer I anticipated. They were usually on the phone or sending e-mails. That made a difference. They participate, and so should you.

Your company should be a member of AAHomecare and your state DME association. Your company must also attend the Medtrade Exhibition as well as your state association meeting. By working together there will be a big difference.

When this happens in our industry we will develop a voice that can be heard! Just look at how strong the hospital associations and others have been. I see how few DME/HME dealers belong to their state and national associations. Compare that to the strength of other industries.

I know that you can make a difference!

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