Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Be Safe, Sound, and Profitable

I have spent a great deal of energy in support of the state DME associations and AAHomecare. My companies and I have always recognized the importance of being on the “team”. We were correct! You, too, must also be correct!

About 25 or 30 years ago I helped organize a co-op specifically for independent DME/HME dealers. The way the by-laws were written, we were limited to how many members and locations could be accepted. I am proud of every member who joined “The Homecare Providers Co-op”. Today, AAHomecare and the state associations are now waiting for you with open arms. I see nearly all-former HPC members belong to AAHomecare and their state association!

I bring this up to explain why belonging to your state DME association and AAHomecare is more vital today than ever. I do NOT ask “why”? You know the answer. I want you to be very positive, because I see a brilliant future for DME/HME providers.

The number of senior citizens is growing more quickly than ever! As things are expanding so fast, what are you doing? Pick up the phone and join AAHomecare. If you are not a member, then please ask them to enroll your operation STAT. Then, do the same with your state DME association.

Working in this fashion, we can double the number of companies who are on board. Then you can sit back to watch all the changes that will happen to make your company safe, sound, and profitable!

Send Tom Ryan an e-mail or a phone call to let him know you want to become another dues paying member. You want to work together with him to remain in business. He will appreciate that!

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