Friday, April 10, 2015

Good News

There is nothing more encouraging than receiving good news! Since I was unable to attend Medtrade Spring this year, I read every article published, and spoke to about a dozen friends to get reports. All I can say is that I did not receive one negative comment. It appears that every DME/HME provider, as well as exhibitors, were all delighted with the results.

The Medtrade meetings provide the ability for attendees and exhibitors to meet and work with one another and to attend the classes and demonstrations. What better way to help build new sales and better profits?

It is my pleasure to share this piece of good news with you:
Kevin Gaffney, the Medtrade show director, spoke about very positive results. The attendees spent more time with exhibitors and came away all excited about the future. The exhibitors were so pleased with the large number of dealers who attended. They also came with very new attitudes.

The exhibitors reported better results than previous Medtrade shows. This is a reflection of the future! This excites me. I look forward to the Fall show.

DME/HME providers should join AAHomecare and their state association. They are all growing because the necessity of working together has given them so many benefits.

Thelma and I plan to be at the Fall Medtrade in Atlanta. Please see us there!

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