Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Why Medtrade?

When our children were younger and we asked them a question, often the answer was, “Why?" As our offspring grew, we provided guidance when they asked for explanations. We didn’t know what they were thinking or if our request was being evaded.
The same applies to attendance at Medtrade. I am sure that we all appreciate the importance of this meeting. This is where the future for your company can be extended. It is too easy to sit back and wait to see what the future holds. It is so much better to take steps forward so that your company will benefit from the many vacillations that happen daily.
DME/HME is a very active business! Alterations can happen so quickly and when you are not aware, they will pass right by you! When Thelma and I were running our company, we had a rule that all responses had to be answered STAT. By responding as quickly as possible, we developed a great deal of loyalty. We also supplemented these with a memo by repeating what was done. Today you can do this with your computer. But although times have changed, a timely response is still critical.
You cannot buy loyalty - You have to earn it! The Medtrade Exhibition has proven to be the one most important meeting available for every DME/HME dealer. Where else can one meet with so many peers and exhibitors, or attend classes and lectures, all in one place? This is where loyalty pays off! I cannot tell you how many follow-ups Thelma and I experienced after each Medtrade, for it was many!
What we always did was take one or two members of our staff with us. Your company should do the same. Whatever it may cost to bring a staff member, it always pays off. This develops loyalty from your customers and the recognition by the vendors is huge. 
So why Medtrade? I think you know the answer!
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