Friday, May 29, 2015

A Little History

I have accumulated a great deal of interesting history about our DME/HME industry. I really know that Tom Antone was one of the first leaders, and to him we still owe a great deal of gratitude. He began many of the programs that we are all following today. Our profession is so fortunate today to have another Tom guiding all of us once again: Tom Ryan.

When you review the list of people that have led us after Tom Antone’s term ended, you will get the same feeling I did. DME/HME has been so fortunate to have the many fabulous people who have done so much. Today DME/HME has the same recognition as do other health professionals: MD, Pharmacy, Nursing, etc. I am so impressed by how this has developed.

The work that AAHomecare and the state DME Associations do along with the other support groups like VGM and MED is truly spectacular. We are so fortunate to have them. This all happened because of how they began under the guidance Tom Antone and those who followed his lead.

I found a quote from Tom Antone, which is as applicable today as it was in 1999: “This industry can survive because demand will grow. It just can't be the same industry.”
At that time Tom Antone headed the National Association for Medical Equipment Services. Brilliant!

Consider how important the annual Medtrade meetings in Atlanta and Las Vegas are to the growth of your companies! Then say, “THANK YOU,” and count your blessings.

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