Friday, September 21, 2012

Catching Up with Old Friends

This morning, I received a most enjoyable and interesting phone call. For many years I have been meeting a special friend at the Medtrade meetings in Atlanta. We always have many things to discuss and I always looked forward to seeing him. There is nothing better than greeting an old friend!

This morning I asked him “Why?” I wanted to know what is the magnet that draws him to the Medtrade Exhibitions annually?

His answer came back so quickly: “Speaking with friends and attending seminars.” He told me: “From each I invariably learn something new! Yes, indeed, there is nothing available that could even match what I harvest in Atlanta. That is why!

I always have appreciated Medtrade as the best venue to hear high-caliber speakers with so much to teach us. I have said time and time again that there is no better place then Medtrade for this. If there were nothing more available, the seminars would prove to be more than adequate as a reason to attend.

But there is much more at Medrade for DME/HME providers. They can leave the show armed with new information to increase volume and profits. They can learn new ways to operate their company in these critical times. Even more valuable is how to build for the future.

The manufacturers and exhibitors are all integral parts of Medtrade and so are the state and national associations. Yes, that is a great reason why every DME/HME provider should attend Medtrade. We stayed on the phone for about 20 minutes, me in Florida and he in upstate New York.

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