Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MPP Partners! Take Action Now!

We do not stand-alone. Our industry is so fortunate currently to have the associations in place who fight to see to it that MPP becomes a reality and the competitive bid is replaced!

I read ALL the e-mail I receive from the national and the state DME associations. They are working very diligently to provide every one with the information and tools necessary to bring MPP, the marketing pricing program to become the new legislation so desperately required.

I wish to recognize Tammy Zelenko, whose company, AdvaCare Home Services, is a member of PAMS (Pennsylvania Association of Medical Suppliers).  Working together with AA HomeCare she represented our industry in DC before the House Small Business Subcommittee on Health and Technology.  

Now every one of us has to get on the bandwagon and let our legislators know what must be done. It is the health and care that every American citizen should be able to get, no red tape, no competitive bid, but service to maintain their good health.   I understand that representative Tom Price (Georgia) is in the process of preparing legislation to replace the competitive bid with MPP. 

This is a CALL TO ARMS. We have to act with speed. Our congressmen must be asked to be on the list to supporters Rep. Tom Price (or they will be voted out of office) so we must also reach their opponents. Now, as soon as you set this aside, please call 202-224-3121, the switchboard for the representatives and ask to speak to yours. You will probably be directed to their HLA (health legislative assistant) and with the tools available from your state and national associations, deliver the message.  DO IT NOW, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. There is far too much at stake, your livelihood, your customers and your future. 

When we all participate in this effort, at Medtrade in a few weeks, we hope to see some changes coming, but …. If you do not respond STAT, I am afraid you may just disappear.

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