Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thank You to MK Battery & the Power for Funding

MK Battery

Today’s blog is very different, no new ideas, no political comments, just a sincere “thank you” that has been earned. I am singling out MK Battery for their “Power for Funding” Campaign. Every American will feel the efforts of this company.

In the past two years the MK’s Power for Funding initiatives have already raised nearly $150,000 in support of industry trade associations. Organizations like NCART, AAHomecare and NRRTS have all received funds from the dollars raised to support both lobbying as well as advocacy programs.

This is what I have been preaching for many years. We must all work together. Suppliers and vendors have the ability to bring pressure on Congress and Medicare to allow DME/HME providers to continue to exist. There are no replacements for the services provided daily, at minimum cost and often pro-bono by our industry.  When we become a team and cooperate our services become formidable. Yet, we find ourselves facing lower reimbursements, competitive bids, and other unfair legislation daily.

Without adequate funding, our industry may fall by the wayside. This catastrophe must be adverted. MK Battery, in cooperation with Medtrade, is sponsoring a Consumer Advocacy Pavilion at the show where providers, manufacturers, and end-user organizations can share ideas and unite for the good of our collective constituencies. Five consumer advocacy groups have already signed on and there are more to come. Dennis Sharpe, MK Battery, has reported that “.. A full list of participants will be announced soon.”  Please be sure that you and all the members of your organization stop by and visit with these important advocacy groups.

It is significant to realize that all of us have at stake our future. We must also recognize that everyone of our customers, clients, patients and family caregivers have even more at stake, their well being! So please be sure one of the first stops you make at Medtrade is to visit the CONSUMER ADVOCACY PAVILION! ! ! ! !

Every DME/HME provider must not miss visiting this pavilion. This is where you will see who are our friends. How many citizens do we represent?  The Consumer Advocacy Pavilion will be the center of attraction at Medtrade in Atlanta. It is imperative that every DME/HME provider, every exhibitor and everyone involved in health care, MD. nurse, therapists, DDS, EMT, all, be aware of the fact that there is now a Consumer Advocacy Program. Thank you to MK Battery and Medtrade for making this possible!!!!

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