Wednesday, September 19, 2012

There's No Place Like Home!

This past weekend, I visited with some friends who I have known for many years. The one thing we have in common is that we are all octogenarians, living in Florida with families up north.

It appears that all our children deliver the same message, “live near us”, “what will happen when one of you is really ill”, “who will take care of you then”, etc., etc.  I hear this story almost every time I talk with my peers. They don’t realize how comfortable we elders are, with cronies who share the same difficulties, living in our own homes!

This presents to DME/HME providers the ability to demonstrate what they can do to make “living at home” such an important part of their marketing programs. The line following the title is “there is no place like home.”

Hold a “NO PLACE LIKE HOME” day in your showroom. Invite local physicians, nurses and therapists to speak. Invite your vendors, all of who offer comfort items for seniors to participate. At Medtrade, you will discover many items that would be appropriate. Speak to those vendors and they will all volunteer to be one of the presenters.

I was reminded of this when an old associate, based in Vermont, told me that he does this program twice a year. He said seniors travel many miles to attend his “no place like home” day

With a little planning, you too, can do the same. Today the average senior citizen has many disposable dollars available for comfort items. Their children encourage they attend these days and often they will come with them.

There are many new items, which will be presented at Medtrade this year in Atlanta. You must see them all and then make arrangements to show them to your clientele. This is a golden opportunity to develop new and larger OTC cash sale s as well as perform a great service!

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