Monday, May 6, 2013


Is the HME/DME, industry facing a crisis?  Is it a time of great danger or is it a turning point?  Yes, it certainly is all of the above!  Unless we act together right now, I do not know how many will survive these critical times. I want every provider to stay solvent and together protect all our customers, patients, senior citizens and family caregivers (and that is all of us, the entire population).

Unless we act together now to bring about the several changes many unpleasant things will happen. We will face a dire future. We can do it! We have fabulous support, the state DME associations and the new integrated AAHomecare. The key to success is that everyone becomes active! So much is at risk.

The many things that must be accomplished at this moment are critical. We all know what they are. If we do not respond it will affect every DME/HME dealer in the USA, more than 15,000 operations!  This is why I ask that we act in unison STAT. We must get the MPP legislation (HR1717) out to Congress and passed.

To accomplish this we have to contact every elected Representative and together with our clientele ask that they support the pending MPP legislation. There are about 500 districts in the 50 states. The combined total of state and national association memberships* should enable us to contact nearly every one of the Representatives.  You can call, e-mail, or even go up to Washington DC for the Legislative Conference at the end of this month & talk to them face-to-face! 

If you need the name and contact information for your district, any one of the associations will cheerfully provide it.  If it is easier, feel free to contact me ( and I will email the info at once.

You can also find all of this information at AAHomecare's Action Center:

Let us resolve this crisis and save what we have. AMEN.

* Please contact every DME/HME provider in the community, not just members of the associations and ask they join with you by becoming a dues paying member along with you!  They cannot afford to sit by themselves. They must get involved!

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