Monday, May 13, 2013

Send A Newsletter

I have often mentioned an easy means of establishing communication between you and your clientele. One excellent way at your fingertips is via e-mail. You have the ability is to send a “newsletter” to all your clientele.

Decide who makes up your base. Are they customers, patients, family caregivers, local nursing services, referral sources, MDs and friends? All? Yes ! 

Build your mailing list. Request from everyone their e-mail address so they can receive your “newsletter”.  Dealers who have done this told me they are rarely turned down. Invite everyone.

Once you have developed this list you are ready to send your “newsletter”. What should it offer? Be sure to have your company name, telephone, etc. I know this is obvious, but I have often seen newsletters with incomplete information.

A great tool to consider using for email marketing is Constant Contact. It is easy to use, inexpensive, and allows you to keep track of your contacts as well as easily build eye-catching emails. 

Every issue should include a health maintenance message. Invite local physicians, nurses, and other practitioners to send you a paragraph or two. Ask your employees to provide messages from their segment. Experience has shown that most folks are flattered when asked and usually provide some really good material.

Offer only one item that is on sale and place that in the last section of your newsletter. Always have something humorous to say and have pictures. Schedule these newsletters to go out twice a month and watch you sales grow.

The cooperation you will get from your vendors and friends will make this succeed. Keep it simple, cheerful, and in a very short time you will now be a publisher as well as operate a fine DME/HME location.

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