Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Thank you, Ms. Kristi WarnerWhen I opened the MedtradeMonday Newsletter, I realized that she was sending everyone a very important message.

Kristi visited the AAHomecare display at the Spring Medtrade Exhibition, and to her dismay, discovered the company she worked for had not renewed their membership. She assumed that this was an inadvertent situation since they were a member of AAHomecare. Ms. Warner promptly signed in Northside Oxygen and Medical Equipment. The company is based in Zanesville, Ohio and their state association is OAMES, to which they belong.

Kam Yuricich is the executive director of OAMES. Kam has always been a superb leader and works diligently in the forefront to pass MPP (HR1717), as are the other state DME associations.

Members like Kristi Warner are what makes these associations so effective. I will quote her: “Competitive bidding is scary. We deliver oxygen to our county, plus six surrounding counties. For us to make a bid would have taken us further out than we were able to do.”

Reading the brief report in the Medtrade Monday Newsletter filled me with pride. I would like every DME/HME provider or dealer to say the same loud and clear: “I AM THE HME INDUSTRY!”

You all are! Those of you who are currently supporting and working with both your state DME association and AAHomecare are the backbone of our profession. I ask that every dealer and provider join both and together we will accomplish every goal.

Yes, you can all be another Kristi Warner!

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