Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Merger & Legislative Conference

The official announcement was released; AAHomecare and NAIMES are now one organization. We all send our sincere congratulations to AAHomecare. This is great news for all DME/HME providers and suppliers. Welcome to the new stronger AAHomecare.

President Tyler Wilson and Wayne Stanfield, former President of NAIMES and now VP of AAHomecare are working to complete blending everything into one strong national association for all providers. Tyler will be stepping down in the fall and may I suggest that AAHomecare find his replacement from within the industry.

There are many fine directors running the state associations. I can easily recommend several to be his replacement. Bringing in a new president with who has been active in this industry for many years will make a big difference. Please be patient as these active negotiations are taking place. Wait quietly, as I am, for their report.

However, all DME/HME dealers or providers must show their appreciation for what they have already accomplished on your behalf. The new AAHomecare will carry your message and get Congress to support the pending legislation and never allow them denigrate what we do.  I am really excited about the future.

 The AA Homecare Washington Legislative Conference was this week.  Many DME providers, manufacturers, and thought leaders from our industry came together and attended the 2-day event.  Here's some advice from AA Homecare and the congressional speakers at the Washington Legislative Conference sessions: "Tell us your stories".

“It is truly important to talk with your elected representatives,” said Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.). “Make it personal.” She continued by encouraging attendees to help Congress understand that DME providers are meeting the needs of more than 8 million Americans, so it’s imperative that they stay in business.

The number of Co-Sponsors on HR 1717 is now up to 96.  We need to continue this momentum from the conference!  Keep making calls, writing letters, and visiting with your law makers.

If your company is not currently a dues paying member, please be sure you get on board STAT. All the strength you can give them will keep our industry solvent. You, your employees and your clientele appreciate what you do, so don’t wait another day. Get on board ASAP and maintain this relationship. Join and become active.

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