Monday, October 28, 2013


iWalk 2.0
by iWalk-Free
An exciting new addition to Medtrade was the “Retail Design Center”. Since most of the blogs we send are about OTC cash sales, this was the place everyone needed to stop and visit.

These displays were not “Simple Simon” showing his wares. In this arena they opened a “Pandora’s Box” filled with exciting new products that would be very appropriate for DME/HME, and that I knew would be perfect for OTC cash sales.

But if you did not see them in person and think about your clientele, then you could not truly appreciate the opportunities. I believe there were 21+ manufacturers who brought their new goodies, and to me this represents 21 new profitable items. I even saw “underwear” and next generation “socks” that your clientele would love.

There were many more OTC items available on the exhibition floor, but you had to have been there. My words are insufficient; seeing is believing. I will only name the five companies who were winners of the awards:

Royal-EZ – ComfortTek Seating
iWalk2.0 Hands Free Crutch-  iWalk-Free
EVE - Joint Solutions
Next Generation Socks – Nufoot

Wellness Briefs & Underwear – Unique Wellness
Nufoot Next Generation Socks
You didn’t have to seek them out; HMENews reported this on the front page of the second show daily.

I am going to present HMENews the first “Shelly” award (somewhat like a Pulitzer Prize) for the yeoman task they do at all the Medtrade shows. It is always been a must to read what HMENews provides. Thank you!

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