Friday, October 4, 2013

Opportunities Galore

No matter where your company may be located, whether you provide service to your customers in a small village or a big city, the very same opportunities are there.

At Medtrade you will find many seminars on subjects which are appropriate for your company. Schedule to attend those which answer your interests. On the showroom floor find those vendors who will provide additional guidance and show you how to increase volume with them!

Our population is aging; there are more senior citizens now than there ever have been! They are a major stepping stone to further growth and consequently better profits. Arrange to speak at “senior” gatherings. Most Houses of Worship sponsor these “clubs.” Make yourself available and they will roll out a welcome carpet to hear what you can offer.

A rapidly expanding opportunity is with “obesity.”  Many dealers sponsor special classes in their showroom (usually on a Saturday mornings from 10:00am until noon). Invite local speakers such as dietitians,  RNs,  PTs,  or physicians, and invariably there is a full house. But they also, wisely, have all types of bathroom scales and similar items prominently displayed.

There is no end to the topics you can offer. Think about diabetics, home tele-health, smoking, COPD, and EMTs. I know that at Medtrade you will be presented with many new ideas. As they say in the Good Book, “Seek and ye shall find – opportunities galore.”

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