Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Older Clientele

I heard from an old friend this past weekend that we met some 63 years ago. He and his wife are the same age as Thelma and I. Naturally the first question we asked one-another was, “How are you feeling?"
All four of us are octogenarians and are grateful that we are able to enjoy every day the GOOD LORD blessed us with. It is people like us who are the best market available for DME/HME providers. Today, we are the fastest growing segment of the population and the greater bulk of us have more discretionary dollars than those before us.
You must cater to this market. In previous blogs I have made it a point that your showroom must always be brightly lit. Senior citizens, many of them who have poor or diminished eyesight, are attracted when things stand out. Take notice how Target and other major companies do this. All aisles must have a sign explaining what type of products they contain, such as diabetics, BP, first aid, or paper products.
While checking how to get more light into your showroom, remember to have every visible item on display “price-marked.” If not priced, you may lose that sale. I know that Thelma and I never ask for a price. If it is not visible we walk on. This can be true for many of our peers.
Be sure every one in your establishment is wearing a nametag. You and your sales people should greet all customers, not just seniors. Never address by a first name unless they are personal friends.
Give your senior citizen clientele all the attention possible. Their family caregivers often stop in to look at items their patients would like to obtain. This happens very often and the family caregiver will make the purchase.
I give this message at least twice a year. I feel this market, senior citizens, must become a prime one for every DME/HME dealer. You can make that happen.

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