Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Another Look

AAHomecare has always been in the forefront fighting the Competitive Bid legislation and all the other onerous things emanating from CMS and Medicare. Here is an opportunity to make a rather small investment, of only $150.00, that will help your company remain in business despite all the bedlam. Bringing your check will benefit you with a fantastic ROI; your future as a DME provider.

Be sure to attend (with your check) AAHomeare’s annual Stand Up for Homecare fundraiser Tuesday, October 8, 5:30-7:00 PM at the Baterbys Art Gallery located at 9101 International Drive (across the street from the Convention Center).  I will be there with Thelma, and we look forward saying hello to all our friends.

At Medtrade there are many seminars you and your staff be able to attend. You have the privilege of choosing those that will guide you through the coming year. Several attendees bring staff members who plan on each attending different lectures. When back at home, they share all the material they gathered.

I spoke with a dealer I know from Missouri. He, his wife, and two employees plan to attend 12 or more seminars each day! Note from Shelly: His company is one of the most successful!

Meet the new team at AAHomecare and CEO Tom Ryan. They want to hear from you. Help them increase their membership.  If you are not a dues paying member, please join AAHomecare now. Get on board to stay in business and continue to flourish. As their membership expands, so will the services they perform.

It’s not all work at Medtrade. You are invited to participate in the HME Christian Fellowship's “Purposeful Prayer Breakfast” Wednesday, October 9th, 6:30 AM to 8:00 AM, room W311E.  David Miller, an old friend, is doing this for the third year at Medtrade. 

 This is another look at all the wonderful opportunities waiting for you in Orlando at Medtrade.

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  1. Shelly, I just heard the announcement of you being recognized as one of this year's Homecare Champions; congratulations! Your leadership the past several decades have inspired countless suppliers to remain active and involved in the issues that make and shape our industry. I look forward to seeing you at Medtrade as you receive this prestigious recognition for the work you have done and continue to do for our collective betterment. Congrats!


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