Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Reflections: A Different Medtrade Part 1

The Medtrade Exhibition and Conference meetings are a reflection of the country and of the economy.  Times are rapidly changing and so is Medtrade.  This was reflected this past week in Orlando.

Despite what was happening outside the exhibition hall, activity inside was running rapidly without missing a step!  Since I have been fortunate in having had the ability to attend every Medtrade since it’s inception, I CAN say that for DME/HME there is “no other important opportunity available which rivals Medtrade!”

To be able to meet with peers from all over the U.S. coupled with the ability to work with vendors is the heart of the show.  This is a very important ability for your company. 

How many seminars were made available to attend? OVER 100 and most lecture rooms were filled to capacity!
How many vendors were displaying their wares and with new products? OVER 550!  And, there were over 80 new exhibitors with unique products from last year. 

The ability to speak with and work with the officers of the associations who keep our industry stable and your company informed is very important.  These days are filled with problem after problem, which have to be resolved.  Your participation will keep them effective to accomplish this.

Thirty-six of the states associations that make up the United States of America were in attendance and had representatives at their desks on the show floor.

AAHomecare, the D.C. center of activity, was working diligently for as many attendees as possible.
  The industry must understand and appreciate the horror of the current legislation and when it reaches every one it will be too late to do anything!  If the “competitive bid” legislation is not changed to the pending MPP bill (H.R. 1717) it will affect every recipient and all your clientele.  Every patient and their family caregiver will then have great difficulty in obtaining their supplies and oxygen from you. 

Ask them to join with you in these efforts, otherwise they will be running all over to find the “lowest bidder”. The low bidder will only care about  money not at all about the patients. You must become active! This catastrophe must not be allowed to happen.
If you currently are NOT a dues paying member of AAHomecare and your state DME association please join now.  Then, we can meet again at Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas.

Yes, this was indeed a different Medtrade.

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