Tuesday, November 5, 2013

This Very Moment!

The previous blog we posted (80/20) asked that we ALL work together and do everything in our power to get

out of committee on to the floor of Congress and passed. 

When you finish reading this blog, please pick up the phone and call your Representative, STAT.  The local address and phone number is listed in the telephone directory. Let his staff know how upset your customers are and how they are grumbling about the problems the Competitive Bid has created, the difficulty all your patients have because of the lack of service, and the time spent traveling or locating a vendor. It is imperative that these issues be reported.

Ask them to support HR1717. 

Congress will be closing their doors in a very few days for the Holidays. They must be informed how the average senior citizen and bed-ridden folks will be affected. They all vote, and you would be proud to announce that their Congressman is on their side. You will become a “cheerleader” and will let all your clientele know that their Congressman supported HR1717.

They vote, you vote, your employees vote! You will see to it that your customers, patients and family caregivers will also be their supporters. 


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