Friday, January 17, 2014


The most pressing problems facing AAHomecare today are signing in new members and bringing back many of those dealers who have left the fold.
Why have these become problems?
One appears to be the necessity for many more dealers to recognize the role of AAHomecare. I know what the role of AAH is and many of my readers are the choir. I am not going to preach to them.  However, since I have been writing my blog Shelly Sounds Off, my phone has become an outlet for many dealers to vent their frustrations. I have encouraged them to call me, which has enabled me to obtain a great insight into how many DME/HME dealers are running frightened.
They understand that it is difficult to operate their companies and still have time to fight to get a bill through congress. The legislation that must be passed (HR1717) needs more sponsors in the House of Representatives. These dealers do not seem to have the time to make a phone call or send messages. AAHomecare and the state DME associations do.  However, if many more dealers would take action as they have, so much more would be accomplished.
I know there are too many dealers who are NOT willing to invest either their time or their money to become active in an industry association.  They believe they can stand alone. But that just does not happen! We must develop a means to get better recognition for the role of what AAHomecare and the state associations do so that we CAN enroll these recalcitrant dealers.
To build membership, we have to follow the example of the pharmaceutical associations.  AAHomecare should go through their current list of members and select some key members in every community.  You can solicit them to set up, with your assistance, city or county action groups.
To gain the support of the all the associations, these new “teams” will work for both. If a dealer only belongs to the state organization, they will solicit for AAHomecare. By the same token, if it is the other way around, they will solicit for a State Association. It has to be a win-win situation for both the state DME association and AAHomecare.
We could structure the development of small groups (sub groups) and then identify them as lobbyists headed up by “key” members to start this as a “grass roots” program.  I am sure we will discover our “key” people invariably belong to both organizations.
We have to aggressively sell these services. Can we do that?  You bet we can!!!!!!!

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