Monday, January 13, 2014

How Well Do You Know Your Staff?

There is an old expression that says: "A chain in no stronger than its weakest link." That is also true for a company, and you as the leader must get everyone involved to minimize the “weak links.”

Your employees are who your customers see when they shop. They are the voice your customers hear when they phone. They are your company! They are the backbone of your operation and your success.

How well do you know them? How often do you work “one on one“ with each? How do you guide them to accomplish all you goals? How do you get them to follow your lead?

This is best done by holding regularly scheduled staff meetings. I spoke about this with an old associate who has a most successful DME/HME company. He said they had a catered breakfast meeting once a month. The enthusiasm and cooperation generated through these meetings helped him to accomplish all of his goals. They became the leader in their market!

With only four sales people, he awarded them by bringing two to Medtrade Spring and two to the fall show. They planned the lectures each would attend and which of their vendors they would see. Together they visited new vendors.

At their monthly breakfast meetings, everyone is always filled with ideas. His “team” spoke about new opportunities. 
  • Every employee is important and must be heard.
  • Good ideas must be acknowledged with a modest reward. (He awards gift certificates for dinner at local restaurants.)
  • Although each employee had his or her specific job description, the company developed an “esprit de corps,” where all employees were always available to assist one another.
His closing message is: “The goal of our company is to satisfy our customers.” They succeeded - and you can too.

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