Thursday, January 30, 2014

Nothing Changes?

It seems we face the same problems every year. Nothing changes! The “nothing” I am referring to is the attitude of far too many DME/HME providers and dealers.
Our industry has had the opportunity to get new legislation, HR 1717, out of committee and on to Congress for passage.  This bill will eliminate the “competitive bid” currently in place and install one that is equitable. I anticipated every DME/HME principal would rally around this; that they would make calls, send letters, and would really pressure their Representative to support them, but far too few have responded. WHY?
We have seen some very exciting things happen at AAHomecare, with their new president, Tom Ryan. He has been a dealer and knows exactly what has to be accomplished. There are about 15,000 other dealers who should become dues paying members of AAH. Where are they?
Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas is rapidly approaching. March 10-12 will soon be here. Has every dealer made arrangements to attend or send a member of their staff yet? I just saw that more then 50 additional manufacturers, some new ones and a few who have been absent, will be coming to LV. Will you be there?
Nothing changes! I hear the same weak excuses. I won’t list them because they don’t make any sense to me. When the future for DME/HME dealers, their livelihood, and the care of the patients they service so well is at stake, there can be no excuses.
In 2014 everything will change. Our industry will make things happen! Together with our state associations and AAHomecare, we all will come to Mecca, Medtrade Spring.

I hope to see you there.

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