Friday, February 21, 2014

Growing Older - Part 2

In Melbourne, Florida, where I live, a fair estimate is that about 20% of the population is above 65 years old. I have a feeling this is true in many towns, and so I want every DME/HME provider to consider them as potential clients.
Here in Melbourne, there is a most interesting service available to elders. It is called “One Senior Place.”  Our family physician suggested we stop by to see what they do. He figured since we were both octogenarians it would be good to visit - It certainly was.
I am just going to mention some of the many things they make available. I am sure there are similar programs throughout the country, and I suggest all our readers visit them.
They provided us with a directory listing of all the services that a senior might need. Adult Day Care, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Support, Insurance, Hospice, Pharmacies, Emergency Response, Home Care, Physicians, Rehab, Transportation and more. They offer talks for seniors and family caregivers. They can give you the names of the Independent and Assisted Living homes in the community.
The proper way of addressing a senior citizen is something every employee should be aware of. Always use of a title like "Mr." or "Mrs." Smith. It can be offensive to some to be addressed by their first name.
Have a few seats conveniently available for those who wish to rest awhile. Be sure all displays are identified; every item must be price marked, and the showroom should be brightly lit. Allow them to browse, and try not to sound like a TV sales person.
Always keep in mind that this generation of senior citizens has many disposable dollars. They look for comfort items.
See all if this at the vendor displays at Medtrade Spring, just a few weeks away. As you make the rounds, be aware of all OTC cash sale items - Make your cash registers sing when you return! Enjoy!
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