Friday, February 28, 2014

The Future

If I had a glass ball that could see what the future holds for our industry, I would share that information with you. But as Dean Acheson said: “The best thing about the future is it comes one day at a time.” That being the case, every single day is vital and important.
Do not sit around and wait to see what the future has in store for you. Get off your derriere and attend the Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas (3/10-3/12). This is where your future lies, and you have to be there to obtain the many benefits offered.
Hanging over the industry is still the “competitive bid”, and now there is some other new rather destructive legislation. At Medtrade, AAHomecare will be in the forefront and leading the efforts to bring about the necessary changes. You MUST be there to help them accomplish this. General Dwight Eisenhower alone could not win WW2; he needed every soldier to accomplish that. He won the war because of the great support of every citizen.
Let us do the same for AAHomecare's President, Tom Ryan. With the support of all DME/HME providers, it will happen. You will bring about the changes and secure the future of your company.  AAH has the support of every state association and they, too, are with whom you must join. 

There is so much more that will happen in Las Vegas, but I realize that unless, as an industry, we bring about the changes in current and pending legislation, too many may be forced to close their doors. I do not like to sound negative. I am positive you can help bring about these changes. You have to become dues paying members by participating with Tom Ryan and the state associations.
In union there is strength, and if you do not join I am afraid that can be a fatal mistake. Medtrade Spring has the answers, but your getting on board now will make a big difference.
I look forward to greeting many new and old friends in Las Vegas. There is where we will protect our future, won’t we? I will see you on the showroom floor.
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