Friday, February 14, 2014

The Industry Show

When I spoke to a DME dealer the other day, he complained there was no real Industry Show he can attend. He told me the pharmacists (his DME is associated with a pharmacy) hold a great big annual show, as do physicians and other professionals.  Every year he attends the NCPA/NARD meetings. He told me it is always in another major city and he gets to see the country that way.
For one of the few times in my life I was hesitant to give an answer but then after a few moments it dawned on me. I asked him a simple question: “Is attending the NCPA meeting an excuse for a little extra vacation?”  He admitted that was the truth and the cost can be absorbed as a “business” expense.
Since I have been lucky to attend all of our shows (called Medtrade) for 30 plus years, I can state unequivocally that there are not many conventions, exhibits, or other meetings that can match what Medtrade provides. The big advantage by holding it normally at the same location enables dealers and providers to develop relationships. It becomes very convenient for them to plan well in advance. In that fashion, they can arrange to bring many staff members. By reviewing the list of speakers and seminars, plans can be made to attend all the appropriate ones and earn the maximum benefits of the DME/HME exclusive industry exhibition.
I find it comforting to know about the many activities in which we all can participate. You may be away from your business for a few days, but when you will return, you will bring with you new ideas and knowledge; this becomes the best ROI possible.
My evenings at the Medtrade are the most enjoyable. I attend as many extra-curricular events I can. All of these are critical because that is where you meet your peers. 

There are no other conventions where you will have the opportunity to garner as much as Medtrade offers. I look forward to greeting many old friends and finding many new ones. Please stop me on the floor to say “hello.” I will be there and your greeting this cantankerous old curmudgeon in his 87th year will make him (me) very happy.
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