Monday, February 3, 2014

Some Positive Thoughts

I had lunch the other afternoon with a friend who is a DME dealer. It was delightful and I discovered I was wrong when I wrote the blog “Nothing Changes”, I listened to him describing the various problems affecting every DME/HME dealer and then how he copes with them. I want you to know that there are answers. Perhaps by all of us taking a positive view, many of these problems can be resolved.
This young man is a true entrepreneur in every sense of the word. His DME company is very professional and they designed their showroom to be most attractive. This he stated is what customers want to see when they enter. It gives the customer the satisfaction that they found the proper source for their supplies. Brightly lit, the show room is displayed so that no one will have any problems finding what they are looking for. His staff is polite and well-trained. They reflect everything customers would like to receive when they go shopping.
Perhaps his most important idea was that he does not stand alone.  His company is very active and belongs to both their state DME Association and AAHomecare. He attends all meetings and belongs to a buying group.  He said that attendance at Medtrade is the most valuable place to plan for the future.
I am reporting this because if every DME/HME dealer did the same, we would already have gotten HR1717 out to the floor of Congress and passed. Positive thoughts lead to positive results.
The director who heads up this young man’s state association is another leader in getting “positive” results for their members. The fabulous people who head up the state DME Associations bless our industry. How fortunate we are to have located so many positive hard working people.
Tom Ryan, president of AAHomecare, is doing everything possible that can be done to get positive results. He will be holding a meeting in Las Vegas at Medtrade Spring with the State DME Associations to further coordinate all efforts.
My message today reflects what must be done. If you are not a dues paying member of both AAHomecare and your state DME association, make the positive decision to join ASAP to work with them! They are there for you.


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