Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Our industry is so fortunate to have leaders of high caliber. I receive copies of many of the e-mails sent to members of the state associations. I also get the memos AAHomecare sends - We have the best leaders available.
If all HME/DME providers join in our battle, we will double membership in our associations. We must do this to defeat much of the destructive legislation that threatens reimbursements. We can do that!
Many years ago, Diogenes said: "We have two ears and only one tongue so that we would listen more and talk less.” Please pay close attention to your state association and AAHomecare.  Listen to them and allow them to speak for you!
But to be effective, the associations need funds. To stay in business, you must provide these funds. On the 2/17 MedtradeMonday release, Joan Cross, director of FAHMES, sent this message, and no one can say it any better: 
“Your dues are essential to providing for the day-to-day costs to run the associations. More importantly, however, is your involvement as a critical component of our success in the state and federal initiatives. This is especially true as we push to get the Market Pricing Program (MPP) passed. We have gotten the most support ever from Congress regarding MPP, and they are very concerned about the flawed competitive bid program.
When I say support, I am not only talking about funding, but also your ACTIVE support in the association. I know that your days are busy. I know that staffing is low, but frequent calls to your Representatives does help, and does not take a lot of time. Emails and faxes work well too.”
Please listen, and get on board.  I hope to see you in Las Vegas at Medtrade Spring.

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