Monday, August 18, 2014


It seems to me our 2014 Congress is putting off passage of any constructive legislation. Why?

AAHomecare and the state DME associations, acting on behalf of not only the industry but also all citizens, have been working, writing, calling and pleading for passage of several bills. They have not received an answer. Why?

When something is left undone, the consequences can be very serious. By putting off all pending legislation for a future time, far too many people, dealers, providers, senior citizens and bed-ridden patients all will suffer. The congressmen must get of off their derrieres and pass the pending legislation to eliminate the competitive bid legislation currently in force.

I am renaming the current Congress as the #1 “PROCRASTINATING CONGRESS” ever in DC. How much have they let slide by and remain undone? Representative John Boehner should not have allowed them to take a “holiday” with so much work pending. I get the distinct impression that we have a Congress which does not care about their constituents. They are so divided that when a Republican recommends new legislation, the Democrats say “NO” or when a Democrat introduces anything new, the Republicans will not support it.

As a senior citizen, I recall our congressmen, in committee, both parties, ironing out pending legislation which would benefit everyone!

Every DME/HME provider should contact AAHomecare and their state DME association to obtain all the necessary material to present to our congressmen. They are at home right now. Do not PROCRASTINATE. Do it STAT. Your future depends a great deal on how effectively you deliver your message.

Thelma and I, as senior citizens, still send e-mails, letters, and make calls. As an active DME/HME principal, you are well known to all your customers, as well as in your community. This is a great strength you have, so please use it, and do not procrastinate.

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