Friday, August 29, 2014

October 21-23

These few days will enable your company to consider making a few dramatic changes in how you approach the market. To date, your company has been an efficient operation. You have developed an excellent staff, built a following of clients, and are recognized as a premier source for DME/HME supplies.

CMS and Medicare are trying to lower the reimbursements dealers receive for the supplies and services they perform. This is happening because the criminal element finds it easier, and less risky to take advantage of our industry because there are no standards or any license issued when becoming a DME/HME provider. How tempting that is for the “quick buck” thieves! Just read the newspapers to see how many of these have been uncovered. But when I hear that it can be as much as 40% (or even more) being stolen from these reimbursements, I am appalled.

You must do something to change what is happening to protect your livelihood!

You can no longer stand-alone; your voice must be heard. The state DME associations, AAHomecare, industry magazines, VGM, MED, and all the major providers will participate at Medtrade. The schedule of classes, seminars, lectures, and meetings is immense. So many opportunities for DME/HME providers and dealers will be found there. Your future will be there, so must you!

I am one of the very few people left who have watched how Medtrade has developed since its inception. Fantastic!

Never has the need for Medtrade been as important as it is today. With the pressure from CMS and Medicare to reduce reimbursements and the “fast buck” operators moving in, many dealers have the threat of being forced to downsize or even close their doors hovering over their heads.

All of the above will be addressed at Medtrade. You must attend if you plan to stay solvent and grow. Register now and get your hotel room before prices rise, and bring with you as many members of your staff as possible.

I will be there with Thelma. We know what it means to be at Medtrade. Please don’t miss this year's exhibition, October 21 – 23 in Atlanta, because there is too much of a stake to sit by and wait.
If you still need to register for Medtrade, please use the promo code, SHELLY, to get a Free Expo Pass.

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