Monday, August 25, 2014


I have very carefully shied away from discussing politics in these blogs. Everyone has a different view and each is to be respected. This is called democracy and it is how things have always been done in the U.S.A.

It matters little if you are registered with one party or the other. The key is that you vote. Your family and friends do, and so that places you in a very excellent position to share your ideas and influence others to join with you.

What is so important is that you have a business with employees. You and your company contribute a great deal to the health and goodwill of your clientele. This places you in a unique position. There are many things involved with how good health care is delivered in the U.S.A. These things need to be adjusted and some eliminated! Since this is so vital a goal to meet, you must get involved.

DME/HME dealers provide service and supplies to their clientele. They depend on CMS and Medicare for reimbursement. This system is currently under attack, and if reimbursements become any lower, many dealers may be forced to close. The basic problem they have is survival.

This is how I personally have addressed this situation for more than 65 years. For a period of time, I was Director of Government Affairs for a major company. I have always done my best to support AAH, and they do such a superb job for the industry. They and the state associations are your partners. Be sure you are on board with them.

Politics is not belonging to a party; it is for you to vote for the candidates who will support your requests and industry!

Meet the person in charge at your congressman and senator’s local office. Usually the local office is close by. The senator may have more than one office. In their local office, you can sit down either with the person in charge or the health related staff member. They will carry your message and get you an answer. Here in the district where I live, there are several DME dealers who have banded together and established a fine working relationship with their congressman, Bill Posey. This could be done in every District!

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