Thursday, August 7, 2014

Medtrade - An Exhibition (Part 1)

Over the past 30 years, the Medtrade Exhibitions have become more than just a place where vendors display their wares! Indeed this is a very important part of the exhibition; however, there are many newer and equally important reasons for DME/HME providers and vendors to attend Medtrade.

For the average DME principle, the ability to see so many vendors in just a single day at Medtrade is unsurpassed. For the vendors, they are able to sign deals with many new clients. Everybody wins! When I chat with vendors, they bubble with excitement about how many NEW customers placed an order! Even more exciting, is the large number of dealers who are thrilled by the multitude of opportunities they uncovered on the exhibition floor.

The DME/HME industry is under attack by a government that is panicking at the rising costs of providing Medicaid and Medicare support! Rather than make the obvious changes in the legislation, they find it easier to reduce the fees earned by dealers, which only affect legitimate operations. The others continue happily committing fraud until they are caught. I have spoken in DC and at many state meetings about the necessity of changing how one qualifies to become a provider (see my past bog entry, Licensure).

Are there standards? Other than accreditation, which is the first positive step forward made, the answer is no. At Medtrade, each of the associations who offer this will be present. If you have not earned accreditation, make the arrangements at Medtrade.

I get very excited as I watch dealers running from one vendor to another seeking suitable products for their companies. This is most rewarding because I see the same excitement with the vendors.

Other major benefits obtained by attending the Medtrade Exhibitions are the ability to attend several seminars every day. Topics include more than one talking about Medicare Updates, Legislative and Regulatory rules, Rehab, Assisted Living, Reimbursements, Oxygen, Retail, and Marketing etc.!

In one trip to Medtrade, your company can cover everything a DME dealer must know to remain solvent and prosper. These classes have recognized experts leading the discussions and giving the lectures. They are usually filled, and I recommend bringing staff members. These educational lectures and seminars alone are worth the time to attend.
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