Thursday, August 14, 2014

Senior Citizens

“Birds of a feather flock together.” That is true! Thelma and I live in a very nice community in Florida, and it is interesting to realize how many peers we have as neighbors. The best thing is that we all watch out for one another.

I spoke with many of the couples we know, all about the same age bracket as ours, the mid to late 80s. My concern was to see where and how they obtain their supplies. I wanted to know who their primary sources are. Their responses were obvious: Medicare. No surprise there! I am sure this is the same throughout the country.

Each couple also had a secondary policy to help with some of the costs not covered by Medicare. This is exactly how things should be, just as planned when these regulations went into effect. The problems are not with the dealers; it is with “quick buck” dishonest people trying to move into the industry. Many of these thieves decided it was easier to enter health care as “providers” to reap a harvest.

In the community where Thelma and I live, there are more than a half dozen independent pharmacies, as well as Walgreen and CVS stores, and some very fine DME/HME locations. I discovered that each of the DME operations, though similar, were somewhat different. Oxygen and related supplies were featured by several independents. OTC items, walkers, wheelchairs, etc. was also a major offering of some dealers, but they each made everything available. Again, they are  all running in the black and each is very concerned how this could change unless we all work together.

These are the very dealers I have often written about. They made it a point to meet with their congressman. At the Spring Medtrade, they arranged a meeting with several of Congressman Bill Posey’s staff. If everyone in the districts throughout the US would band together like they have, we will succeed. (I am very sad to report that one of these friends was obliged to close). No one else should ever be forced to step aside; this is why we must all work together. A team is always better than standing alone.

The senior citizens I speak with in my community all want to maintain local sources, working with the dealers and pharmacists they know so well and consider friends. We cannot allow this to change. AAHomecare and your state association will help you to stay active. Continue serving these senior citizens!

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