Monday, February 9, 2015

Wheelchairs, etc.

The one basic family of items, which every DME/HME dealer markets, is wheelchairs. There are many add-on items for a wheelchair! Here I will describe how I have seen them displayed at some of the dealers I have visited.

The primary thing to do is make sure that each chair on display has several add-on items available, each with a price tag!

A patient or family caregiver buying a wheelchair, as a Medicare recipient, still has the right to purchase any comfort items they wish. This is particularly true when a family member is picking it up. I have always been impressed by the variety of items dealers use to dress up the chairs on display. The rewarding thing is that these are “cash-sale” items and they turn over rapidly.

Those dealers who have a “physical therapist” on their staff have been eminently successful. That sales person, recognized as a therapist, can guide the sales by asking carefully chosen questions. This is what they do whenever they get new patients. I am very aware of how many additional add-on items this is for the sale. The nicest thing about these “add-ons” is that the sales person is always thanked for taking the time!

Work closely with the manufacturer reps and you can sponsor classes on how to work with the patients. Several dealers told me that they try to sponsor these “classes” about once a month. They contact every one who has purchased or obtained a wheelchair from them, and the usual attendance is about a dozen people. The goodwill this creates can never be measured.

Today’s younger patients will often purchase two or more wheelchairs. I have spoken with dealers who tell me returned veterans are their most important customers. At Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas, you will find ideas and add-on products to greatly expand sales in this part of your operation.
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