Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Marketing for Profit

Isn’t that what every DME/HME dealer wants to do? Market for profit!

This age of computers and the ability to easily determine where the best profits come from is at your fingertips. Your accountant can help you set this up. When you view where the best cash flow and profits emanate, you will know how to proceed!

Is your strength in rehab, oxygen, or perhaps another specialty? Once you have made these determinations from top down, then you can see how best to build from your strengths and still maintain all your other business.

Success is based on bottom line profits, not on gross dollar sales. I know a number of dealers who flaunt how many dollars go into their cash registers, but when I ask how much is left behind, they hem and haw.

By the same token, I know a vast number of dealers who speak about the net profits left behind after paying taxes. They have expanded from their strengths and built some excellent sales with the resulting profits.

I know an excellent dealer in Midwest who took my advice about joining the local Chamber of Commerce. After a few meetings he was invited to give a talk. He chose to present on the “American Disability Act" and how it could affect every company. He built an excellent “side line” of working with all the companies in the Chamber and the community. The word spread, and the calls from other businesses increased his profits greatly.

He told me that he now has two sales people calling on all manufacturing facilities, hotels and motels, and schools and businesses in the state - These sales are putting a great number of dollars on his bottom line.

At Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas, you will find many items that can help you expand sales and of course, profits. I will see you there!
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