Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Medtrade Spring 2015

As you walk onto the exhibition floor at Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas, you will look in amazement at the great number of exhibitors and DME/HME folks seeking answers.

They are all there, as you should be, to gather information, find new opportunities and prepare for the future. The Medtrade Exhibitions annually have been big successes for that reason, but in 2015 there are still many problems waiting to be resolved. This makes your participation now even more important.

Standing alone to face competition will not work! The time has come for every DME/HME dealer to become one effective and formidable voice for our industry. I look at pharmacy, hospitals, and other related industries to see how effective they are. We, too, must do the same.

AAHomecare and your state association have been working as hard as they can to help get several pending bills, which are waiting, in Congress to be passed. They need the support of every DME/HME dealer or provider to accomplish this. When your company is not a member, it makes getting bills onto the floor more difficult.

All of this requires 100% support from the dealers, providers and manufacturers to get results. AAHomecare and your state associations need funds to work on your behalf. The problem I want to address is the following:

Will you help bring in new members and get everyone involved?

If every member of AAH and their state DME Association will call other DME/HME dealers they know and ask that if they do not belong to one or both to please sign on.
This works. When they recognize what you are doing, they will follow suit.

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